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From 1993 - 2002, The Parking Lot is Full was the comic strip love child of artist Jack McLaren and writer Pat Spacek. Starting as crude little strips published in their university newspaper, the comic quickly took on a life of its own, eventually becoming one of the most popular and infamous comic strips on the internet. After nine years of ups and downs, the creators decided that they'd said everything they wanted to say, so the comic was wrapped up and all the toys put away. This site is a memorial to The Parking Lot is Full. Observe a moment of silence as you pass by.

Dirty, dirty, dirty!

Sad news, true believers: Jack McLaren, in yet another in his endless series
of attempts at making himself 'like unto a God' (his words, not mine)
has...well, how can I put it delicately? I can't.

Suffice to say that, if he really was so hell-bent on getting a sex change
operation, he should've waited for a reputable doctor to perform the
surgery. Just because a guy in a white coat with a certificate from the
'Kabul School of Medicine' tells you he can cut off your privates for fifty
bucks, doesn't mean you should necessarily fly down to Mexico in your
crotchless leather pants. When will Jack learn? When will the nightmare ever
end for those of us who love him?

At any rate, it's now fallen to me to tend to Jack until he gets better. I
didn't want this sort of responsibility, but when you best friend shows up
at your door in the middle of the night, doubled over and clutching the
bleeding stump which used to be his crotch, there isn't much else to do but
invite him inside before the neighbors see. It may take me a week or so to
find a suitable animal penis to sew onto the ruined space between his legs
(again!), so needless to say that this week's Parking Lot is Full comic will
be delayed for seven days. Enjoy those seven days. Get drunk. Vomit on
yourselves or each other. Hang around children's playgrounds, looking for
pedophiles to beat up. Go to church and take off your pants. Do whatever you
have to do, just hold on and be strong. For Jack.


Pat, writer of
The Parking Lot is Full

The Parking Lot is Full, Panel 287

This week's exciting Parking Lot is Full comic has little, if
anything, to do with what you just read. It's not about Osama bin
Laden, either. Or maybe it is. Read it and find out for sure.

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that our Recommended Readings page hasn't been updated since the
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